Welcome to the practice of Lina Sereti

Specialist in paediatric dentistry

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Our approach is adapted to the specific needs of each of our patients

The practice

First appointment

It is essential to build a relation of trust with kids


Dental treatment

Offering a recreational experience while providing high quality dental care


At dentist4kids, we focus on establishing an authentic relation with each and every patient characterized by respect for his/her personality and needs.

High quality dental care is provided by experienced professionals using the latest treatment options in paediatric dentistry

Dentist4kids offers a warm, reassuring and recreational environment whose concept is entirely based on ensuring the children’s well-being.

At Dentist4kids, children are the focus of a dedicated team, passionate about kids and human relations


Children are at the heart of our work

We are doing the utmost to make children feel welcome, respected and confident and to build up a positive attitude and a feeling of reassurement   about going to the dentist.

The practice


We provide dental care to ensure the good dental health of our patients and use advanced equipment adapted to kids.

Preventive care

Detection of dental caries, teeth brushing, oral hygiene, nutritional advice, teeth cleaning, occlusion control, fluoridation, etc.

General dental care

Composite fillings, SST root canal treatments (pulpotomy, pulpectomy), treatment of dental abscess , tooth extractions.

Specialized care services

When deemed necessary, the Dentist4kids team undertakes surgical interventions at hospital (with general anesthaesia).

Radiography (X-ray scan)

If judged necessary, a dental X-ray that will enable a precise diagnosis, may be taken.

Ostheocentral anesthesia

The dental practice Dentist4Kids uses Quicksleeper, a spearhead anesthesia technique that is painless for children.

General anesthesia

Sometimes indicated, it enables to provide quality treatment services without pain or stress for the child.

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